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Explore our dynamic partnerships to learn how we collaborate with industry leaders, innovators, and local organizations.

A partnership between OKSG and Lenovo promises a multitude of benefits. Lenovo's renowned expertise in computer hardware and technology solutions, coupled with OKSG's local market knowledge and service excellence, creates a powerful synergy. Together, they can offer Oklahoman businesses and consumers access to cutting-edge Lenovo products, backed by expert support and tailored solutions.

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A strategic partnership between Purple Folder and Oklahoma Systems Group holds the potential to significantly benefit clients by combining the specialized expertise of both entities. Purple Folder, known for its excellence in enterprise network engineering and cybersecurity solutions, brings a comprehensive suite of services tailored for businesses of all sizes. Teaming up with Oklahoma Systems Group, a recognized player in the technology domain, can enhance the overall offering by leveraging the unique strengths of each partner. Clients stand to gain from a more robust and diversified set of services. 


The collaboration between Advanced Networks of Texas (SPIN # 143036711) and Oklahoma Systems Group represents a powerful alliance dedicated to enhancing educational experiences for K-12 schools in both Oklahoma and Texas. With Advanced Networks of Texas specializing exclusively in E-rate services, their expertise ensures that schools receive optimal support in navigating the complexities of the program. Partnering with Oklahoma Systems Group, known for its proficiency in technology solutions, expands the scope of services offered to clients. Together, they bring a comprehensive approach that combines E-rate certification and cutting-edge technology solutions.

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